Roots in Kerala, Brought up in Chennai and ruling the hearts of Hyderabad with his Bollywood Music, DJ Kim aka Kim Thomas is one of the most refined Artists In Hyderabad who has truly mastered the art of DJing just within a span of three Decades. If Kim met in the daytime, would come across as just like any other 9-5 Corporate IT person, being in I.T is also one of his passions as an Information Security Professional, however, you will be gobsmacked to know where he truly belongs – On the console spinning the best of Bollywood music and entrancing crowd to sway and swing. His passion for music not only has earned him the title of” Best Bollywood DJ in Hyderabad “but also made him the favourite DJ of party holes in the city.

Kim started his career as a DJ in 2012, on the Journey from just like any other struggling artist to becoming one of the most sought DJs in Hyderabad he quotes” It has never been a smooth ride, there was so much disapproval, but what kept me going is my passion for music”. He played at almost all the popular nightclubs and party places in Hyderabad, like Heart Cup, 10 Downing Street, Vapour and Kismet, and many more. Most Recently DJ Kim was hired by one of the popular party places of Hyderabad “Hylife Brewing Company” Located at Jubilee Hills.  Kim is the first Bollywood Artist to be blazing the floor of Hylife with his stunning mixes of Bollywood classics and retro that his fans have come to love and know him for.

Hylife is known for its unique choice of international Artists Spinning EDM, Deep Tech, House, and Trance, it’s always buzzing with party freaks even on weekdays. This place truly lives up to its mark and looks no less than an art piece and not to forget hanging the vehicle in the center is just the cherry on the top.  Hylife being the best has chosen the Best Bollywood DJ in the city. The combo of the lovely place and the lively DJ results in one hell of a party at Hylife every Wednesday.

Partygoers at Hylife not only love this pleasant change but thoroughly enjoy the wow factor which Kim adds to the night.  Kim’s secret sauce is that he understands his audience and his ability to blend Sounds, Emotions, and Music; he is truly a definition of being able to think on his feet. Both a true DJ and People’s favourite, Kim’s Popularity echoes all over the city, and respected as one of the Best Bollywood DJs in the city, which explains why he is the first Bollywood DJ  to be chosen to play at Hylife.

Let’s hear what Hylife Management has to say about Kim’s work at Hylife:

Bobby: Operational Director (Hylife) :

Kim just owns the dance floor and he knows how to alter the playlist according to the audience, he had some innovative ideas on the table at our first meet that we loved and had never seen before from other artists who could cater more than what they can deliver. He truly is charming both on the floor and off the floor. He takes cues from the crowd and engages them subtly. I would highly recommend Kim any day for a Desi Club Night.

Karthik: General Manager (Hylife) :

Kim is the first Bollywood Artist from Hyderabad we had at Hylife, there is a reason why he is the first one, he is good at what he does and never disappoints us. He also brings in a lot of ideas for improvement, takes feedback, and works on them spontaneously for the success factor of the business. Kim is one of those artists who is very Professional, hardworking, and humble at the same time. Our Wednesdays have been so exciting ever since he has associated with us. He is so easy to work with and understands our requirements and always delivers more than expected.

As Cliche as it sounds “If Music is your Drug, well Kim is your Drug Dealer”. And there is never too much to indulge yourself.

Even if you are a person with two left feet worry not, Kim knows how to connect with his audience and shake their feet. Being blessed with the art of music he has a special gift for reading and keeping his crowd entertained, to witness the Best Bollywood DJ in Hyderabad city at his work being the awesome as he is, Hop in at Hylife every Wednesday and party till you drop. Follow his page for all the updates (